Rutland teacher makes masks for NHS staff

A design and technology teacher from Rutland has been making face shields to help protect NHS workers from coronavirus.

Clive Simmons, who's Head of Design and Technology at Uppingham School, has been using a laser cutter to create masks which he is planning to donate to hospitals, GPs and nursing homes across the county.

The school is planning to deliver the masks to Peterborough Hospital tomorrow.

Clive said: “Initially the masks will be supplied to North West Anglia Trust as well as GPs and nursing homes in and around Rutland and Lincolnshire. The masks are made from polypropylene and PVC and the estimated costs are 30 pence per visor; a £5 donation will pay for 17 visors.”

The school started a fundraising page on Sunday and within the first 12 hours, had raised £1,000 twice as much as they originally had planned.

Clive said: “My target is to make 1500 visors and the money donated will pay for the materials to make these. More funding will not only allow more visors to be made but also could pay for more equipment to produce a higher volume.”

Picture caption: Clive Simmons wearing one of the face masks. To donate to the page visit: