Stevenage's runaway bush: The teenage couple behind THAT viral lockdown video

When a teenage couple from Stevenage filmed their "prankster neighbour" disguised as a bush to sneak out of quarantine, they knew it was a bit of a fun.

But Nick Murray, 19, and Maddie Davies, 18, had no idea quite how far that bit of fun would branch out.

In fact that video - 16 seconds of leaf-laden lockdown liberation - has proved to be their root to social media success.

Nick Murray and Maddie Davies. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The couple now describe themselves as "Tik Tok influencers".

They are prolific on the video-sharing social media service, operating as @repnicktv and @maddiedavies.x - but Maddie is fairly new to it.

She decided to start posting videos after losing her job as a waitress as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. Within a week of downloading the app, she'd amassed more than 200,000 followers.

The footage of their neighbour making a dart for freedom in his finest shrubbery is their biggest hit.

Filmed from the window of their home, Maddie can be heard giggling at the "new extremes to sneak out".

The video has already had 17 million views and been seen across the world, online and on television.