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Addenbrooke's preparing for spike in coronavirus patients in few weeks' time

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Addenbrooke's Hospital are preparing for a spike in numbers of coronavirus patients coming to the site in the next two weeks - and are trying to find more than a hundred new critical care beds to cope with demand.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia, Addenbrooke's CEO Roland Sinker said that the hospital were preparing for "what was coming in four weeks' time" adding that staff feel "anxious" but "purposeful and determined".

He said: "We're aiming for a peak demand for the hospital we're expecting to see in four weeks' time. We have been aiming at a peak demand of needing to be treating 460 patients in our 1200 beds, and those 460 will be suffering from Covid-19 or coronavirus. Of those 460 patients 135 will require critical care or the support of ventilators, and so our plan is in aiming towards that peak and we're well advanced in all areas of that plan."

As of Wednesday 1st April, there were 177 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Cambridgeshire. In the Anglia region, as of the same date, the number of cases was 2,028.

Speaking yesterday, Roland Sinker said that planning had been going on for some time at the hospital, and they were preparing to primarily serve parts of the south of the county in partnership with Royal Papworth who are also on the Cambridge biomedical campus.

"We're very well advanced in our planning, we're seeing patients with coronavirus in both critical and general beds. Our staff are a feeling a mixture of anxious but purposeful and determined."

He added that people should follow the advice and stay home to ensure NHS services were not overrun.

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