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Baker cooks up thank you treats for NHS staff and key workers

Baker Michaela Davies is organising a huge baking effort to thank key workers Credit: Michaela Davies

A baker who's in isolation is bringing cheer to thousands of key workers and NHS staff by making cakes to say thank you.

Michaela Davies, from Bradwell in Norfolk, was treated for cancer herself at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston and wanted to send treats to the hard working staff.

Now she's set up a Facebook page called Baking-a-Difference to take orders from other grateful patients.

She hopes to send treats to both front line health workers and other key workers tackling coronavirus too.

The cup cakes carry messages of thanks Credit: Michaela Davies

Michaela and her friend Jill say they want to show their appreciation for key workers who are helping others stay safe at home.

They've already sent hundreds of cakes and are hoping to extend that to thousands. Others in the group are also offering to join the baking effort.

Their Facebook group already has 1300 members.

Cup cake toppings ready for the cakes Credit: Michaela Davies

Baking-a-Difference takes nominations and donations of baking ingredients, and is recruiting other volunteer bakers to help with the effort.

I’m overwhelmed by the love of our community to show their appreciation to our key workers via a cupcake! Thank you so much for everyone’s effort in making this fast growing group such a delight to be part of. We’re all in this together, let’s get baking-a-difference!!!

– Michaela Davies

Staff at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston have tweeted their thanks to Michaela for helping to raise morale.

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Health staff with some of the cakes Credit: Michaela Davies

Volunteers are helping to deliver the cakes during their once-a-day trip out of the house or on their way to work and the group say health and safety rules and government coronavirus guidelines are being followed.

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