Pregnancy in lockdown: the support for new mums during the Coronavirus crisis

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Pregnant women and new parents are being reassured that there is still advice and support for them during the Coronavirus crisis.

Pregnant women are among those classed as vulnerable to COVID-19 along with the elderly and people with certain health conditions.

With the country in lockdown, many new parents are having to cope without the usual face to face support they'd receive in the early weeks but many organisations say support is there-- just in a different form-online.

William was born just before lockdown Credit: ITV News Anglia

William was born just days before the country went into lockdown. His mum Lucy has received plenty of cards at her home in Chelmondiston in Suffolk but visits from friends and family will have to wait until the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

It's very strange. Slightly lonely. It's not the experience I ever dreamt of. I always thought I'd have some time off work, socialise with the new friends I've made through the classes. "

Lucy Pallant, mother
The NCT is already providing support online.

Understandably health visitors have moved to video and telephone calls to check in with families, unless there is a real need to see them at home.

Organisations are doing their best to support parents making use of technology to continue reaching out to them.

The National Childbirth Trust is providing courses online, allowing parents to get to know each other until they can meet in person.

Suffolk Babies are now running classes online to help in the lead up to birth and the weeks and months that follow.

Suffolk Babies are also providing internet support.

"It's virtual but we're here to try and give them some of that care and nurturing that new mums need."

Jo Cresdee, CEO of Suffolk Babies
Helen Chipman is receiving telephone calls from her heath visitor. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Helen Chipman from Wellingborough has found them really useful and she's also been relying on telephone calls from her health visitor.

"It's a worrying time as a new mum and the lockdown adds to it and you don't want to feel like you've been forgotten."

Helen Chipman, Mother
Credit: ITV News Anglia

As we continue social distancing, pregnant women and new parents are being reminded there is help out there but the support will just be taking a different form for the time being.