The good, the bad and the ugly: your DIY lockdown haircuts

Every day, it seems there are newfound implications of COVID-19.

For instance, lockdown means no salons and barbers are open, which in turn means no professionals to cut or colour hair. This predicament has led to some of us, like presenter Becky Jago, seizing scissors/hair dye and doing it ourselves.

Our viewers sent us these pictures of their brave/misguided attempts...

Credit: Joanne Jenkins

We cut my 18-year-old daughter Jasmine's hair this week - quite a success, we think!

Joanne Jenkins, Winterton-on-sea
Credit: Elizabeth Long

I attempted to cut my husbands hair, but went too high on the sides. In the end, he's gone bald, as that was the only way to salvage it. Now him and our daughter, Maggie, match!

Elizabeth Long, Gorleston-on-Sea
Credit: Sarah Craske

Here's before and after I cut my own hair.

Sarah Craske
Credit: Tara Yates

On Tuesday, we decided to play hairdressers, so I coloured the bottom of my daughters hair and with the leftover dye, I did my husband's hair. I then let my husband cut my hair (he didn’t do a bad job!).

Tara Yates, Milton Keynes
Credit: Ross Chapman

Ross Chapman - cutting his own hair goes HORRIBLY wrong.

Harry Rutter
Credit: Jenny Brissenden

I missed my usual hair appointment by three days due to the lockdown, so on Sunday, I cut and coloured my hair. I always colour it myself, but have never cut it before in all my 73 years! I cut off about an inch and a half and am pleased with the result.

Jenny Brissenden, Milton Keynes
Credit: Sean

Decided to shave my head on day one of isolation, with no mirror. I ended up only shaving half of it and asking for my partner's help, which led to her crying with laughter. I'm now bald and regretting my decision.

Sean, Raunds

We asked Brian Coombes, a Norwich salon owner, for some home haircutting and colouring tips:

My number one tip for home hair colouring is 'don't do it' especially if you've never done it before. But, I'm realistic and I know there are some of you out there who will want to give this a go. Here are some tips if this is the case:

Brian Coombes
  • If you're feeling self-conscious about grey roots, try temporary spray-on colours. You spray them in and next time you wash your hair they come straight back out again.

  • For something longer lasting, look for '"semi-permanent" on hair dye boxes.

  • If you must go for a permanent colour, I'd suggest going for a shade lighter than what's on the mid-length of your hair. Home hair dye colours often come out slightly darker than what's on the box. Also, when you go back to having your hair done professionally, it's easier fo us to get it darker, than it is for us to lighten it.

  • Hair dye will stain your skin, so put a bit of vaseline or olive oil on your hairline to protect it. Try not to get any on your hair as this will form a barrier between your hair and the dye.

Here are Brian's tips for trimming your fringe at home:

  • Pull your hair to the bridge of your nose and cut it there. It will spring back up and be the perfect length.

  • To avoid a wonky fringe, use the sharpest scissors you can. Using blunt scissors pushes your fringe along, which can create an uneven edge.

  • Don't try and cut in a straight line. Instead, draw your hair into the middle in a kind of ponytail, then chop up into it.

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