'It's just not fair, stay at home': Luton doctor urges people not to go out this weekend

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A doctor at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital is urging people to stay at home this weekend, warning that there could be severe consequences if people choose to ignore isolation rules.

Dr David Kirby says it's the general public who have the power to fix this pandemic:

"This disease has no cure, we cannot treat Covid-19. We can keep a patient alive for an extended period of time so that their body gets over it if that's possible, but we can't cure it. The only thing that can fix this belongs to the general public, and that's stay at home. Do not spread it, do not be the person who gives it to someone else."

Dr David Kirby

It's feared that sunny weather could tempt people to go out into public spaces.

Dr Kirby says if you want to go outside, you can exercise in groups of no more than two people and only with those that are already in your household. He also advises to spend time in your garden rather than risking going to a public place.

“Don’t go and have a picnic and a BBQ in the park. It’s just not fair”

Dr David Kirby

The Luton and Dunstable has already undergone drastic changes to cope with the influx of Covid-19 patients. The hospital has developed a much bigger intensive care unit which can now ventilate 40 patients, whereas previously they could only ventilate 7.

“The majority of our patients that are coming in are sick and need intensive intervention just to stop them from deteriorating, if we can do that then we can get them to one of our Covid wards, of which we currently have 5."

Dr David Kirby

In figures released by NHS England, it was revealed that the hospital has currently had 25 deaths from the virus, the fifth highest in the region.

Dr Kirby warns that if people do not stay at home this weekend, it could have a dramatic impact on the number of people having to go into intensive care:

“Ward 15 is now an intensive care ward, it’s currently empty, I guarantee you by Saturday it’ll be half full”.

Dr David Kirby

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