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Critical care nurse at the Royal Papworth Hospital sings song to bring smiles to colleagues

A Nursing Apprentice helping to look after coronavirus patients at the Royal Papworth Hospital has recorded a song to make her colleagues smile.

Hannah Gingell, 20, played a cover of Andra Day's 'Rise Up' on a break from the intensive care unit give a boost to all NHS staff in their fight against COVID-19.

"To hear Hannah play the piano in the main atrium during her break brought tears to our eyes. Royal Papworth Charity has shared the video as a beautiful reminder that we are all in this together and as such all NHS staff will rise up in the fight against COVID-19".

– Spokesperson, Royal Papworth Hospital

All funds raised for the Royal Papworth Hospital COVID-19 Appeal go towards funding staff support, research and patient welfare in relation to the virus.

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