Premier League Thierry Henry has described a young Norwich City striker who's currently waiting for a second kidney transplant as his "hero."

Shae Hutchinson, 19, was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Alport Syndrome when he was just eight years old.

The condition affects his hearing, eye sight and energy levels.

Hutchinson had a kidney transplant in 2018, but is now desperately in need of another one.

He's currently in self-isolation because his condition means he's at a higher risk of complications from coronavirus.

Hutchinson was part of Arsenal's academy before he moved to Norwich, where he was coached by his idol Henry.

To try to cheer him up, Henry, who scored 174 goals for the Gunners, sent Hutchinson a morale-boosting message which was shared by Norwich City on social media.

“Hello Shae, this is Thierry. I just wanted to let you know that you’re my hero. It is just unbelievable to see what you’re going through right now," he said.

“Not only to deal with it one time, you came back, you played. Now you have to deal with it a second time. All my thoughts are with you, my prayers.

“You just have to hang on. Stay strong. Hopefully I’ll see you soon."

Hutchinson talked to ITV News Anglia about his condition earlier this year, and said he would never give up on his dream of making it as a professional:

"If you love something don't let anything get in the way. I wouldn't let a transplant stop me from being a footballer.

"My mum would say to me have you got any back up plans, I would say no, I am going to be a footballer, I don't want to be anything else."