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People urged to respect social distancing guidelines over Easter bank holiday

Jesus Green in Cambridge Credit: PA

Cambridge City Council is urging people to follow the advice on social distancing when visiting its historic commons, recreation grounds and parks this Easter bank holiday weekend.

Councillors are asking visitors to "do their bit" and to be responsible and stay at least two metres apart while they are enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

Cllr Katie Thornburrow, Executive Councillor for Planning Policy and Open Spaces, said: “We know how much people value our parks and open spaces as places to get fresh air, exercise and to simply enjoy being outside.

“This has never been more important than now because we find ourselves in the most challenging of times during which we need to look after our physical and mental wellbeing.

“Our open spaces are particularly important for people who have no garden or outside space of their own. We really do want to keep our open spaces available but we need everyone to do their bit when it comes to social distancing."

Norfolk's Chief Constable Simon Bailey urges communities to stay at home Credit: PA

It comes as the Chief Constable of Norfolk police is also urging people to respect the government guidelines and stay at home this bank holiday weekend.

Officers will be out patrolling beaches and beauty spots across the East.

Simon Bailey said the force received more than 300 calls last weekend from members of the public reporting people who were flouting the lockdown rules.

He's asking communities to "ensure that we as a county are doing our best to protect the NHS and to save lives".

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We are now 16 days into the government enforced lockdown.

The lockdown was directed by the Prime Minister for two very simple reasons. He is doing it to save lives and we are doing it to protect the NHS.

Last weekend the constabulary received over 300 calls from members of the public, with the majority concerned about the behaviour of other members of the community.

As we head into the Easter bank holiday weekend, I really hope those people who chose to flout the guidelines and ignore the advice last weekend, will reflect upon the number of cases we have in the county, will respect the rationale for the guidelines and everybody will take that advice, stay in, maintain social distancing and ensure that we as the county are doing our best to protect the NHS and save lives.

– Simon Bailey, Chief Constable, Norfolk police

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