Cambridge medical students graduate early to help NHS fight coronavirus

Staff at the University of Cambridge's medical school have made a video to say good luck after their final year students graduated early to help the NHS fight coronavirus.

The students had been due to begin work in August, but they will now start immediately in order to boost the number of staff in the country's hospitals.

The 265 junior doctors only had their final clinical examinations left to take, but these have now been cancelled.

A statement from the university said: "The students had already completed their final written examinations and been assessed on clinical competence in previous examinations and on placements in a range of clinical environments."

As they were not able to have a graduation ceremony, tutors from the university recorded a video wishing the student good luck as they start their careers.

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One of those who has now graduated is Dr Freya Smith, who was able to celebrate leaving university despite the lockdown.

She said: "I'm still in my student house so we did manage to have a makeshift graduation ceremony.

"We've been expecting [the early graduation] for a while and it's not without its apprehension, but I'm really proud to be entering the NHS at the moment."

Freya Smith is one of 256 final year medics who have now graduated Credit: ITV Anglia

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