Charities and councils across the East appeal for more PPE

Many organisations in the region are having to buy far more personal protective equipment than they’d anticipated as the coronavirus outbreak puts pressure on our health and care services.

The government says concerns over whether the NHS has enough PPE are being addressed, but charities and councils are among those appealing for help to meet the demand.

In Essex, many businesses have come forward to meet the challenge of providing PPE for councils struggling to get enough for care workers.

"We are just delighted with the response we've had already. Over 300 businesses have contacted us. We've taken delivery of 200 batches, and that's already been distributed among our own staff and in care homes across Essex"

Cllr John Spence, Essex County Council

Several companies across the East have also been doing their bit to help provide PPE for those who need it.

And the demand on companies to supply PPE isn't easy.

Suppliers Integrity Cleanroom in Bury St Edmunds is being outstripped of its supply. As soon as components arrive, they’re packed up and sent out to healthcare professionals across the region.

Integrity Cleanroom are trying to deal with increased demand for supplies of PPE Credit: ITV News Anglia

Many employees are working increasingly long hours to make sure these essential items are shipped out.

"Everyone's got good spirits and everyone's working hard to get the job done"

John Hensley, Chief Executive, The Ant Group

But the equipment doesn’t come without a cost. Two of the region's air ambulance charities are appealing for donations to help pay for the huge amounts of personal protective gear they need.

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