Council tip closures result in increased fly-tipping

Councils’ decisions to shut their tips during the coronavirus lockdown has led to an increase in fly-tipping.

An increased number of lanes and fields are being used as dumps for unwanted appliances, rubble, wood and old furniture.

This morning (April 14), tonnes of rubbish were found in laybys and lanes in and around Hemel Hempstead and Markyate, despite notices warning of fines.

With local tips closed, we are unfortunately finding an increasing amount of illegal fly-tipping. Clearing this rubbing will be expensive and time-consuming for us.

Milton Keynes council

Members of the public can report fly-tipping through the app ClearWaste.

I believe it will help people to be aware of their social and legal obligations, as well as save local authorities and councils tens of millions of pounds a year.

Martin Montague, ClearWaste organiser

Last week, four tonnes of rubbish were collected in a council operation along the A41 in Hertfordshire. Dacorum Borough Council’s Clean, Safe and Green team cleared from over 20 kilometres of the road at a cost of nearly £28,000.

We will be lobbying Government about increasing fines and custodial sentences for those that continually flout the rules. We want to be able to give all the possible help and support to anyone that wants to get involved.

Martin Montague, ClearWaste organiser

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