Boxer Jordan Gill waiting patiently for his return to the ring

Chatteris featherweight boxer Jordan Gill.Credit: PA

The Coronavirus pandemic may have ground the sporting calendar to a halt, but Cambridgeshire boxer Jordan Gill had already been waiting a while for his chance to step back into competitive action before the lockdown.

The 25 year old featherweight from Chatteris was scheduled to end that wait last month at London's O2 Arena.

He was on the undercard for the Josh Kelly v David Abanesyan European Welterweight championship fight.

It would've been Gill's second fight following his surprise loss to Mexican Mario Enrico Tinoco in May 2019 in Nottingham.

That spoiled his previously unblemished professional record of 23 wins, the crowning moment being his victory over Ryan Doyle to become the Commonwealth (British Empire) champion in October 2018.

But the Kelly-Abanesyan promotion was cancelled because of pandemic, which meant double-disappointment for Gill after illness ruled out an earlier return to the ring last December.

"I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease so I was not in the ring due to no fault of my own so it was sort of taken away for me in December. And then obviously I got over that. "So it's like a double whammy for me but, you know we've had setbacks in the career before and it's all about pushing forward and maintaining that focus and that's what we we're aiming to do." >

Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill couldn't hide his disappointment once his scheduled fight night arrived on March 28th

Dealing with the lockdown has been a test for Gill but one which he has managed to cope with so far

"People say it's the loneliest sport in the world so this quarantine suits us. The only thing is that we can't go to the gym. "Obviously all the gyms are closed and all the boxing gyms are closed as well as because obviously you can't have people meeting up and things like that. "I'm lucky in the sense that my dad trained me as an amateur. So he's got the skills to take me on the pads and body bag and we got limited enough equipment to do things at home so I'm doing limited strength training from home. "We're allowed out once a day to go for a run. We'll go to the park and do sprints. I'm lucky enough to have a bike so I can go cycling, little things like that. "I usually train in Sheffield and my trainer Dave Coldwell...I think he's going stir-crazy as well because he's used to having us training at the gym, working hard and working on new things so it's a bit different because we're having a break from that. "With all this modern technology now, I can take a video and send it over to him and he can assess it. So it's like consultancy, instead of a one-to-one" "We've got to make the best of a bad situation. I think we're doing a good job so far and we've just got to keep morale high and keep everyone supporting each other, and we'll get through this time no problem." >

Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill on dealing with boxing's lockdown with ITV Anglia's sports correspondent Donovan Blake via Zoom