Homeschooling: resources to help provide lessons for your children

If you're new to homeschooling - you might be looking for some help in providing lessons for your little 'uns. Here's a guide to some of the support which is being offered by organisations across the region.

Cambridge-based Raspberry Pi was set up to encourage more children to become interested in computer science.

Through its foundation it is offering a range of code-along sessions for youngsters to get to grips with computing.

Many local library services are providing online revents and resources: For example here's Norfolk's programme for this week:

And here's Cambridgeshire's.

YouTube is a great resource for child-friendly education. Norfolk science presenter Maddie Moate has been offering live science lessons on the platform.

The University of Cambridge provides a huge range of materials for mathematics -the NRICH website has links to loads of fun activities for children aged 3-18 to get involved with.

Then you could always get creative - How about this idea for a maths lessons for young footy fans? You can adapt it to suit your favourite club.

Holly King, from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, has been hosting live English lessons every weekday since lockdown begun.

Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service have a link to fun activities for youngsters.

Many museums also have online educational resources - take the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge for example.

Making history come alive

And a little further from home you can take a virtual tour of many of the world's biggest museums.

Meanwhile Norfolk-based astronomer Mark Thompson is helping families turn their attention to the starts with nightly stargazing events on twitter and, now, YouTube.

And there's help for A-level students too, worrying about falling behind ahead of going to university in September, all being well.

The University of east Anglia has a free online course about developing skills for university, you can check it out here.

And free online university courses are also available from Future Learn, which is part run by the Open University in Milton Keynes.

History Indoors starts next week

And speaking of universities, some PhD students at the University of Essex are hoping to spread their love of history to people through a series of lockdown lectures.

They've started a website called History Indoors and will be delivering talks via Zoom. The first one begins next week

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