MK Dons players agree to defer 25% of wages for April

MK Dons players have agreed to take a 25% wage deferral for April, chairman Pete Winkelman has confirmed.

It means the Dons players won't be paid their usual wages this month, but will receive their outstanding money at a later date.

Like many lower league clubs, the Dons placed the majority of their staff on furlough leave last month.

The deferral will help to relieve some of the immediate financial pressures at Stadium MK, and Winkelman praised the players for being so understanding.

"Some of the players have weeks left on their contracts so it's a big thing to have to think about. Too much pressure is put on players – we all sign contracts and we all do that with our eyes open. It's not our fault this has happened, and it's not the players' fault either," he told the local media via video link.

"However long this goes on for, who knows, but I can say everything is OK at the moment. Over 700 people have taken some pain to help everyone get through it.

"While it is kicking the can down the road, it's massive from the players to agree to allow us to stop some of their wages."

Cambridge United's Harrison Dunk. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Meanwhile, Cambridge United have announced they have furloughed their playing squad.

"We all recognise that we won’t be playing football in the near future so it is prudent for us as a Club to take advantage of this Government scheme designed to help and protect businesses such as ours in this current crisis," Chief Executive Ian Mather said.

"We held a Zoom call with all the players last week to update them on the situation and discuss the furlough scheme with them. It was a good open dialogue in what is a very challenging and uncertain situation for everyone. We agreed to continue to pay salaries in full whilst the players are on furlough and then review the position again next month."

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