Care home residents and staff adapt to life without family visits

  • Watch a report from ITV Anglia's Matthew Hudson

Most of those staying at Summerville House in Heacham are used to visits from their relatives. Like many of us, seeing family boosts the residents' spirits and reminds them that they are loved.

However, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, staff are having to serve these purposes

In Northamptonshire, Gail Gilbert's dad lives in a care home five minutes from her. Yet, it might as well be a world away.

Gail hasn't seen her dad, Brian, for nearly six weeks and worries desperately. Although he's in a home, Brian still plays a huge part in the family's life in the town of Raunds.

Gail doesn't call or Skype Brian because she believes it would upset him. She keeps in touch with the home, which has been free of Covid-19.

For care staff, this extraordinary time means added layers of pressure and responsibility. For residents, it can be a time of fear and loneliness. For those who love them, it simply means digging in and hoping there's a day when both parties can be reunited.

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