A special NHS appreciation party is being planned at Clacton Pier in Essex. It's to thank frontline workers for everything they're doing to help others during the pandemic.

Staff at Clacton Pier are looking to stage the event once they are able to re-open the attraction and restrictions have been lifted by the Government.

They say they'll be contacting the Pier's regular suppliers and entertainers. The event will also include a 'firework extravaganza' to ensure it's a memorable occasion.

Every year the Pier's staff arrange a weekend for the emergency services and armed forces, but they felt this time it was important to do something special for NHS workers:

“We are now planning a special appreciation party for the NHS to recognise the truly heroic and selfless efforts they have put in to battle Coronavirus and to save so many lives. They have put their own lives at risk to do this and the nation cannot thank them enough for what they are doing. The pier wants to give them something to look forward to once the time is right for us to start to return to a more normal life – and we think everyone would agreed they deserve that, and more.”

Billy Ball, Director
The event will include magicians, entertainment and a free wristband to be used on rides Credit: Clacton Pier

A date for the event will be announced as soon as it is possible to do so. It will include free wristbands which can be used on rides as well as plenty of entertainment for party-goers.

“We want NHS staff to come along, relax and have a great fun time with their loved ones. Until then we all need to do our bit to help the NHS by staying at home and following the Government guidelines.”

Billy Ball, Director

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