"One little soul like me won't make much difference" - Captain Tom Moore's first interview with ITV News Anglia

On the 8th of April, ITV News Anglia met Captain Tom Moore for the first time, and what a journey it's been since then.

He's raised more than £30 million for NHS charities, been made an honorary Colonel of the British Army and inspired thousands of people with his fundraising efforts.

Today, on his 100th birthday, the RAF will honour him with a flypast over his family's house in Bedfordshire.

In his first TV interview, he told ITV News Anglia that he didn't think his sponsored walk would make a difference.

"One little soul like me won't make much difference, I hope that it does but it won't will it. I hope that whatever it turns out to be will be useful but it won't be enough, they still need a lot more money."

Today, he'll have a birthday to remember, with well-wishers from around the globe offering congratulations.

Just three weeks ago, he didn't think he'd have an eventful birthday.

"Whether I'll ever have a birthday party with a lot of people I don't know"

Throughout his journey, Captain Tom has been a steadfast champion of the NHS - which he says has helped him in his life.

"I hope that some people will give some money for this fund, not for me, but for the national health so that they, need every penny that they want, they've done so well for me, I can't complain."