How our four-legged-friends are living their best lives during lockdown

For even the most optimistic of us, there will have been moments during lockdown that will have been a bit of a test. But for one particular group, it seems to have been a walk in the park! We've been looking at how dogs across the region have been living their best lives.

Pugs Victoria and Albert are getting ready for an online dog show tonight - hoping to win best dressed.

Pugs Victoria & Albert out for a walk before their online dog show tonight Credit: ITV News Anglia

Their owners Nick and Vanessa Aplin say their pugs have definitely enjoyed spending more time with the family:

"We'd normally pop off to work and then pop back. I think they quite like it, they think it's like a little holiday all the while."

Vanessa Aplin

Matt Hudson's Aurora and Liberty are taking a laidback approach to lockdown:

Aurora and Liberty chilling during lockdown Credit: ITV News Anglia

Some dogs, like Daisy from Suffolk, have been learning new tricks during lockdown:

Others like Barney have been a little bit more mischievous:

However, dog charities have warned that it'll be quite a shock for our pets when we go back to work or school and they have to get used to being by themselves for longer periods of time again.

Earlier our reporter Kate Prout spoke to Rachel Carey, Director of K9 behaviour and research at the Dog's Trust. Watch her full Skype interview below for advice and tips:

We asked you to send in pictures of what your four-legged friends have been getting up to during lockdown, and you didn't disappoint.

Like many, these pooches' lockdown activities have revolved around food. Zeus in Suffolk has been baking doggy cookies for his pals, and Cruz in Bedfordshire has been lapping up a vegetable ice lolly:

(left) Zeus from Suffolk (right) Cruz from Bedfordshire

These dogs have been making the most of being at home by getting in plenty of relaxation time. Jasper from Norfolk, Alan from Suffolk and Radley & Mabel from Hertfordshire haven't got a care in the world:

(left) Jasper, (top right) Alan, (bottom right) Radley & Mabel

Some of our four-legged friends have been working hard, like Syril from Norfolk. Lola, also from Norfolk, has hosted an NHS Charity tea party:

(left) Lola (right) Syril

It's not been all work and no play for Frank the puppy from Norwich and Mabel from Thetford:

(left) Frank and (right) Mabel having some toy time

Some pets have even been playing a game of hide & seek:

Pixie from Norfolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

And others have simply enjoyed getting to spend lots of extra time with their family. Riley from Suffolk has been dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, and Jazz from Norfolk has been keeping her three little friends occupied:

(left) Riley (right) Jazz Credit: ITV News Anglia
  • Watch Kate Prout's report below: