Captain Tom Moore shares his memories with ITV Anglia

Captain Tom Moore Credit: ITV Anglia

Captain Tom Moore, who has spent weeks walking the length of his garden in Bedfordshire and raising millions for the NHS in the process, has reflected on the last few weeks with ITV Anglia.

He also shared some of his memories from his time in the British Army during the Second World War.

Tom was just twenty when he was conscripted and was eventually sent to India, coming under attack from the Japanese army.

  • Watch Captain Tom talking about his time in the war here:

Tom also reflected on the past few weeks that have seen his fundraising efforts reach numbers that he says were way above anything he'd imagined.

He said: "It seemed almost like a dream. From start to finish so many things have happened that I just never would have anticipated."

Almost £33 million has been raised for NHS charities by Captain Tom to date.

  • Watch Captain Tom Moore talk about his fundraising: