Body of newborn baby found at recycling centre 'highly likely' to have come from Ipswich area

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The body of a newborn baby has been found at a recycling centre in Needham Market in Suffolk.

The girl was discovered by staff at Sackers' yard at around 3pm on Thursday, 14 May, and is believed to have been less than 24 hours old.

The firm have confirmed the baby was found among waste which had arrived at the plant.

Police are urgently trying to find the mother Credit: ITV Anglia

A cordon is in place at the site on Ipswich Road and police are now urging the mother to get in touch.

Speaking on Thursday evening, Detective Chief Superintendent Eamonn Bridger said: "We understand that this would have been a very distressing experience for the mother of this baby.

"Our current priority is to ensure she receives the care and assistance she requires and we would urge that she contacts us so we can help."

The waste site was closed on Friday while investigations continued, although police were still attempting to trace the mother.

Giving an update on the investigation, Detective Chief Superintendent Bridger confirmed a post-mortem would be carried out to establish whether the baby had died before being transported to the recycling centre.

He added: "Obviously it is a busy site so there’s lots of material moving through it on a daily basis.

"We are confident we will work out where things have come from but it’s early stages.

"We do believe however, that it’s highly likely to have come from the Ipswich area or the immediate surrounding areas of Ipswich."

  • Detective Chief Superintendent Eamonn Bridger

Sackers believe the body was found soon after it arrived at the site.

A company statement said: "First and foremost we want to send our condolences out everyone involved in this tragic situation.

"Our recycling sorting facilities are so thorough that we believe the baby was found very quickly once it was at our Needham Market site.

"Our main priority now is to support our staff members who were involved in this incident and assist the police with their investigation. Therefore, the site will be closed tomorrow and until further notice."

A police cordon remains in place at the Sackers yard Credit: ITV Anglia

Police want anyone who has any information that may assist the investigation to speak to them as soon as possible.

Anyone who believes they have information should contact Suffolk police on 101.