Good karma led to life-saver's lottery win

Anthony Canty celebrates his win

A key worker who helped save the life of a policeman who had a heart attack on the bus during lockdown is celebrating a £1 million Lottery win.

Anthony Canty said he told the officer, who has since recovered in hospital,about his EuroMillions win in the May 5 draw.

The father-of-two has worked throughout lockdown as an engineer maintaining the water quality for hospitals and care homes in central London.

On the bus home from Witham train station to Maldon one evening in April, apoliceman who had also just finished his shift collapsed.

The couple spoke to the National Lottery about the win

He said he rang the bell to stop the bus and gave the officer CPR with the help of the 999 operator and first aid training he had at work.

The officer was airlifted to hospital and spent five days in intensive care.

Mr Canty said he stayed in touch with the officer's partner while he was inhospital and dropped off fruit and flowers, and kept in contact after herecovered.

Mr Canty's partner Katie Sullivan, 32, said: "He said that Anthony's part ofhis family now.

"He said he's forever grateful as if it weren't for Anthony he wouldn't behere today.It's just amazing."

Mr Canty rang his partner while he was on the train into work after he checked his ticket on his National Lottery app, but initially thought he'd won £100,000.

"I called Katie to tell her the good news but she wouldn't believe me andthought I was winding her up, so I gave her the numbers to check for herself," said Mr Canty.

"I heard her log on and then she started screaming, and said 'You div, it'sone million, we're millionaires, you have to come home!"'

He took the day off work while the news sank in and they celebrated with abottle of Prosecco in the garden before sharing the news with friends andfamily.

Mr Canty plans to continue in his job, which usually involves a commute bytrain in to London and taking the Tube, though in recent weeks he has beencatching an earlier service so there is less contact with other people.