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Emotional moment Norfolk care worker is reunited with daughter after seven weeks apart

A care worker from Norfolk, who's been living apart from her seven-year-old daughter, has shared the emotional moment they were briefly reunited after seven weeks.

Lisa Cave, from Stalham, made the heartbreaking decision for her severely asthmatic daughter Ruby to live with her dad for a while to protect her from coronavirus.

But after struggling without her, Lisa ordered full PPE online and surprised her with a visit.

At first Ruby didn't recognise her mum in the protective gear, but when she realised it was her, Ruby jumped into her arms - a moment that Lisa says will ‘get me through the next few weeks’.

It was a reunion Ruby's family wanted to make as safe as possible.

I said to my wife Sharna I just have to do it. If I can just have a half an hour hug with her it will get me through the next few weeks. It would reassure her that mummy still loves her and is missing her very very much.

Just to have her jump into my arms made me feel complete. It’s like someone put my heart back into the right place again.

– Lisa Cave, Ruby's mum
  • Watch the moment Lisa and Ruby were reunited

Lisa works with adults with learning difficulties and severe disabilities at a care home just outside of Norwich.

She didn't want to risk infecting her daughter, and said "she could never forgive herself' if something happened to her.

Ruby normally lives with Lisa and her wife Sharna, but in March, she moved in with her dad.

“We had to explain to her at first that she was just going to daddy’s for a few days, but I knew it was going to be longer", said Lisa.

"I know in my heart that I made the right decision because if anything happened I would never be able to live with myself knowing that I’ve bought something into the home that could put her at risk."

Lisa said living away from Ruby felt like Credit: Lisa Cave

Many key workers have made the decision to live separately from their loved ones to help manage the spread of the virus.

Lisa speaks to her daughter everyday and says she can't wait to have her home once it is safe to do so.

Despite lockdown measures being eased slightly, Lisa is still urging people to stay home to protect key workers and their families.

"I am terrified there is going to be a second spike", Lisa said.

"The message I want to get across is stay at home, for all of us key workers who have made sacrifices by not seeing their children or families and for those who have followed the rules."

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