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Coronavirus: the impact on young people not seeing their friends

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An Essex based charity says it has seen an increase in children contacting them with anxiety.

Kids Inspire say many young people have struggled to cope with not seeing their friends, with everyone in lockdown and schools shut for the last two months.

For 14 year old Shannon in Stowmarket in Suffolk, it has helped knowing she is not alone in feeling lonely

The best thing is to talk to people about it, because I know that if I bottle it up eventually I'm just going to take it out on myself or someone else, which isn't good. So just talking to people, reminding yourself that this isn't going to last forever, it will all come back.

– Shannon, aged 14.
Teachers at this Suffolk school- like many- are checking in with pupils to see how they are. Credit: ITV News Anglia

At Shannon's school - like most in the country - staff are concerned about students' mental health.

Besides setting work to do, they regularly check in with every pupil to see how they are coping. And if any one is feeling wobbly, they offer extra support.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

We put together a list of our priority students that we really need to take extra care of during this time, and so within that list there are regular phone calls home, specialised work that goes out to them.

– Claire Ferguson, Stowmarket High School

Top tips from Kids Inspire for children and young people coping with anxiety during lockdown..

  • Find people that make you feel good and talk to them.
  • Get out in nature, it's really important and it's there for everybody.
  • Exercise, keep active.
  • Find your resources: listen to music, read books, watch films. Whatever makes you feel good, do it.

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