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Getting involved with nature during lockdown can help with your mental health

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Volunteers working for conservation and wildlife charities around our region have been telling us that being outdoors, whilst obeying social distancing regulations, has helped with their mental health.

Co-workers at Prospects Trust in Reach, Cambridgeshire are self-isolating so an army of locals have taken up tools to help on the farm, with positive results on their wellbeing.

And half a dozen volunteers have been helping the Felbeck Trust clear their sites in North Norfolk for walker taking their daily exercise.

Those working in mental health say keeping a positive outlook can be a helpful tool

"Watch your language. Using words like 'lockdown' and 'isolation' all bring negative feelings.

"Enjoy things which are simpler like growing things if you can, on a windowsill, cooking and baking with your family, having a barbecue, which brings pleasure but isn't focusing on the confining nature of lockdown which can make some people, if they dwell on it, feel oppressed"

– Catherine Gibson, Thrive Consultant

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