'It was a pure freak': Norfolk man literally stumbles upon lost gold ring on walk

The search is on to reunite a gold ring with its owner after it was found in Norfolk.

Roger Bryce literally stumbled upon it on his walk in Bawdeswell Heath near Dereham on Wednesday.

A notice that was put up three weeks ago at the heath appealing for its return has since disappeared, leaving Roger with no way of contacting its owner.

"I go there around three or four times a week", he said.

"A few days ago I was walking the dog and as I had Parkinson's I am not the steadiest on my feet and I sort of half fell.

" As I was falling I saw this gold circle. So I examined further and it turned out to be the ring. It was a pure freak that I happen to stumble at the place where the ring was."

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Since finding the ring, Roger has informed the police and put up a notice at the heath's car park asking for the owner to get in touch with him.

He believes the ring is quite old and says he hopes it's reunited with its owner.

"I think it reflects quite a few years of marriage, happy marriage I hope. I would be delighted if it went back to the person who lost it."