Stevenage chairman Phil Wallace says there is "absolutely no integrity" in the EFL's plans to relegate a club from League Two on a points-per-game basis.

League Two clubs recently "unanimously indicated" they wanted to cancel their season, and clubs were also in agreement that there should be no relegation to the National League.

However, the EFL then threw a huge spanner in the works by saying that relegation must happen to protect the "integrity of the pyramid."

It means Stevenage would finish bottom of the division if the final league standings are decided on a PPG method.

"I’m struggling to understand that choice of words as I can’t see any integrity in applying an artificial formula, especially when the FA have already ruled there will be no promotion and relegation below the National League," Wallace said in a statement.

"I don’t see any integrity in arbitrarily forcing relegation on any club that has every reasonable chance of avoiding it by playing, but is denied the opportunity to do so.

"There is absolutely no integrity whatsoever in using a mathematical formula to expel a club from the EFL. That is unjust and wholly wrong."

  • Watch an interview with Stevenage chairman Phil Wallace by ITV News Anglia's Andy Ward

Wallace added that he was disappointed the EFL had "ignored the overwhelming vote" by League Two clubs to not relegate a team this season.

He also suggested more clubs should be promoted from the National league next season.

"Since the National League season wasn’t completed in the way it was intended, one option is to leave League Two as it is, with no relegation, and promote one club from the NL this season instead of two, to bring the EFL back to 72 teams, but with three up, three down established and in place for next season," he said.

"I we don’t relegate this season, there will be around £2million of EFL relegation savings over the next 2 seasons to make three up, three down happen."