Cambridgeshire Police were called to break up a mass gathering of up to 300 people in the Paston area of Peterborough on Bank Holiday Monday amid reports of a stabbing and a pedestrian being run over.

Police were initially called at about 8.20pm after reports of seven or eight cars and 20 to 30 people gathered in Sheepwalk but were unable to attend because of other incidents elsewhere.

At around 10pm officers were called by the ambulance service reporting a pedestrian had been injured in a collision. Ambulance staff also reported a ‘rave’ of up to about 300 people in the street.

Although police officers were deployed to the scene, Cambridgeshire Police said: "Due to the sheer volume of people, many of whom were intoxicated, it was deemed there were insufficient officer numbers to be able to safely move people on from the area."

At 11pm people gradually started to leave the area. About midnight more officers were sent after reports someone had been stabbed. No one with any injuries was identified at the location or at hospital.

The ambulance service reported there was a 'rave' with up to 300 people. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"We understand local residents were concerned, and some frightened, by the large gathering.

Superintendent Adam Gallop, Cambridgeshire Police

Cambridgeshire Police said approximately 16 police officers were instructed to stay in the Sheepwalk area to monitor the situation and deal with any specific disorder or threats to life, and to engage with those present to advise them to go home.

Just after 1am the majority of people had left the area, with music turned off and all people cleared from the area by about 1.30am.

Officers remained at the location until about 4am and will be carrying out patrols of the area throughout the week.

Cambridgeshire Police say they will be carrying out patrols of the area throughout the week. Credit: ITV News Anglia

“There is a line between organising community events to build morale in this challenging time, and the events of last night which very clearly were not acceptable. The local policing teams will continue to work with all our communities to advise, guide and, where necessary, enforce guidance and legislation.

Superintendent Adam Gallop, Cambridgeshire Police
Police said: Credit: ITV News Anglia