A one-off 30-day digital festival is being launched online on Monday 1st June. It'll showcase 30 young artists from Suffolk and aims to celebrate local talent, support artistic projects and inspire others.

The non-profit initiative will highlight the talent of local photographers, musicians, performers, designers and more. It's designed to give people under the age of 30 a chance to share and discuss their work.

"In this time of uncertainty, it feels very important to support local talent and celebrate all forms of successful pathways that people are creating in the arts. Many artists we knew of have had projects, events and small businesses suffer, so to have an additional platform where artists can showcase their work, gathering visibility and support for future projects, seemed an exciting idea.”

Laura Warner, Co-Creator of the festival

The participating artists will include:

  • Disney Channel actress Hannah Dodd, 25

  • Musician Monticolombi (Jamie Hicks), 23, who has just released his first solo single ‘World I see’

  • Charlotte Bingham-Wallis, 30, Co-Founder of From Belo (alongside Maria Costa), an ethically sustainable designer handbag and accessories brand

“During these difficult times it's really amazing for 30:thirty festival to have created live opportunities for local artists to showcase their work in different ways. As a musician I’ve had festival slots all over the summer cancelled so it’s really uplifting to still feel that festival buzz in some way, especially as its supporting local artists."

Monticolombi, Musician

The artists, most of which were students at local schools Ormiston Sudbury Academy and Thomas Gainsborough School, will each have a day to share their work on Facebook and Instagram.

"Community initiatives and supporting the arts is so important. Our business was founded from our friendship at Sudbury Upper School, Suffolk. The opportunities received in both arts and Erasmus schemes at the art college and within the community have led to our successes today.”

Charlotte Bingham-Wallis

30:thirty festival can be found on Facebook and Instagram via @30thirtyfestival. To nominate a local artist for 30:thirty festival please contact thirtythirtysudbury@gmail.com.