A convoy of cars in Northamptonshire for little boy's birthday

A convoy for Austin's birthday Credit: ITV Anglia

When car enthusiast Austin Kitchener's eighth birthday party was cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions, his Mum decided to get creative.

Bridget put out a plea on social media, asking any petrol heads to bring their cars along to their street in Rushden in Northamptonshire for Austin.

He has autism and Bridget admits that life in lockdown has been a difficult adjustment.

She feared that cancelling his birthday party would be devastating for him and so she took a chance on strangers, hoping they'd make the day special.

Dozens of cars in convoy arrived outside their home this morning to wish Austin a happy birthday.

Bridget said:

Austin and his mum, Bridget Credit: ITV Anglia

"It means an amazing amount, because it just shows that as a community that we can all come together and do something for a little boy that nobody knew and they've just come out of their way today and done a drive by."

Bridget Kitchener
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One of the drivers said:

"I've got a grandson with learning difficulties and I thought it would be fantastic to come out for the young lad and I hope if I posted something on Facebook, people would turn out for my grandso. I just been a fantastic day to see all the community come together."


Austin said it was his best birthday ever.

Austin Kitchener Credit: ITV Anglia