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A young filmmaker has made a movie about her video gaming grandfather from Norfolk.

It shows RAF veteran Garry Bowhill-Mann fly to California to meet his gaming buddy whose face he has never seen.

Young filmmaker Tallulah Self with her gaming grandad. Credit: Tallulah Self/Leanne Rogers

Garry is a full-time carer for his wife who has MS.

He unwinds by playing video games, sometimes for hours at a time.

Garry Bowhill-Mann with his American gaming buddy Mike Nolan Credit: Tallulah Self/Leanne Rogers

Last year he became friends with Mike Nolan, another gamer in his seventies from California.

Garry's granddaughter and young filmmaker Tallulah Self arranged for them to meet for the first time.

It's a story about my grandad and my mission to give him his mojo back.

Tallulah Self, filmmaker

Game of Life was produced by Mediorite and is released on June 2 on Red Bull's website, App and TV platform.