Many primary schools in the region will be opening their doors to some pupils today. Those in reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be the first to return.

It's part of a wider easing of measures in England that will also see groups of up to six people allowed to meet in public places or private gardens, and outdoor markets and car show rooms reopen.

Schools like Beeches Primary in Peterborough say they're doing what they can to keep children safe. This will include putting social distancing markers on the floor.

Other schools have plans to reopen in phases to help with social distancing. At Queen's Hill Primary School near Norwich, reception will be returning first.

However, there's still debate surrounding whether it's safe to send children back to school yet.

Teaching unions warn that it's too soon to reopen. Cambridgeshire's teaching union has urged the Council to delay for another two weeks.

Teaching unions warn it's too soon for children to return to school Credit: ITV News Anglia

Parents also seem reluctant - a recent survey of 1,200 school leaders found headteachers were expecting 46% of families to keep pupils at home.

Queen's Hill Primary say they're expecting up to half their parents to keep children at home. They're also advising parents to go with their 'gut feeling' and want to be mindful of those who have no choice but to send their child back to school.

"I think as a parent you've just got to go with your gut feeling. For some parents, they don't have a choice - they need to get back to work. We need to be mindful and respectful of everybody's opinions. I think just do what's right for your family."

Penny Sheppard, Headteacher, Queen's Hill Primary School

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