A collection of photographs depicting life in lockdown in East Anglia is being preserved in a special archive.

Historic England asked members of the public to send in images that documented their experience of lockdown at the end of April and early May.

In total, nearly 3,000 people nationwide responded to the week-long appeal, and organisers have now selected the best 200 pictures.

These images have been added to the Picturing Lockdown Collection, which can beaccessed free online.

It's hoped the photographs will help give future generations an idea of what life was like in lockdown.

Historic England said it was first time the public had been asked to capture photographs for the archive since World War Two.

Ten contemporary artists, including Southend artist 'Scottee', also entered their pictures.

  • A picture gallery of the best images

The start of home learning for Denise and her family in Welwyn Garden City. Credit: Denise Slark
Richard Allman channels his inner John Lennon in Milton Keynes. Credit: Richard Allman
Donna staged a 'lockdown wedding' at home in Bishop's Stortford. She will get married for real when the UK returns so some kind of normality. Credit: Donna Duke-Lande
A sign urging people to stay away from Southend. Credit: Terry Withers
A lady stares out of a window in Norwich. Credit: Connie Harrigan
Ruth's daughter does her home learning in the garden in Bedford. Credit: Ruth Yentis
Morris dancing in the garden in Littleport, Cambridgeshire. Credit: Ken Hamilton
A child playing in Colchester. Credit: Sarah Everett
Camping in the living room in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Credit: Anna Leggett
Vinyl gloves on display in a library in Norwich. Credit: Peter Offord
Captain Tom Moore's special Royal Mail postmark. Credit: Connie Flynn
A 92-year-old lady waves to her daughter who has just dropped off some shopping in Ipswich. Credit: Lanai Collis Phillips
A sign telling people to stay away in Cromer, Norfolk. Credit: Martin Guppy
A deserted arcade in Southend. Credit: Scottee