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A wildflower meadow the size of one and a half football pitches has been created on one of Cambridge University's famously pristine lawns.

The flowers were planted on the land behind King's College in October last year.

"We are looking at different ways of managing our landscape and also managing our landscape in ways that are better for nature, for conservation purposes, and also biodiversity."

Steve Coghill, Head Gardener
The meadow will be visible from the River Cam Credit: ITV Anglia

The college are planning to study the environmental impact of the meadow, and the plants will be harvested for hay in Autumn.

Most of the time students and visitors are warned to stay off Cambridge's lawns, but paths are going to be cut through the meadow to allow people to enjoy the flowers.

Visitors are usually warned to keep off Cambridge's lawns Credit: ITV Anglia

Professor Geoff Moggridge, who's a fellow at King's, was one of the voices pushing for the meadow's creation.

He said: "Obviously it's going to be a developing thing, every year will be different but it's beyond everything I'd hoped for."