With many of us spending more time at home, mixed with the relaxing of some of the lockdown regulations, there's no better time to get out into nature.

This month, children in the region are being encouraged to try a new outdoor activity every day. It's all part of the Wildlife Trust's 30-days Wild challenge.

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"Just to say to absolutely everyone it does not matter what your knowledge is, it's about sharing your passion. We have put together something called 30 days of wild and there are ideas of things to do all through June that you can do together. And most of all it is fun."

Debbie McKenzie, BCN Wildlife Trust

One family in from Hoveton in Norfolk has been getting involved.

Milly, Esme and Ted have been getting outdoors with their dad Credit: ITV News Anglia

Milly, Esme and Ted have been getting outdoors with their dad. During lockdown, their garden has acted s both a playground and a classroom.

"We've been cycling and going to the river and playing in the garden."

Esme Barkham

"We've found a very rare pine hawk moth which has black streaks on its wings."

Milly Barkham

Making dens and climbing trees is what many children are doing during lockdown, but not all families have access to this.

"2.7 million people don't have access to high quality green areas in their local neighbourhood and 83% of us now in Britain live in urban areas so green space should be a modern day human right for all of us, especially in our cities and towns."

Patrick Barkham, Dad and Nature Writer
The Wildlife Trust have created a downloadable pack to guide parents Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Wildlife Trust says absolutely anyone can get involved and they've created a 30-day Wild pack that you can download online. It'll give you some ideas and guidance on how to get started.