Luton man jailed for 10 years for setting homeless man on fire

A man has been jailed for setting fire to a homeless man in Luton earlier this year.

53-year-old David Weir has been given a 10 and a half year sentence with a five year extended licence.

The incident happened in George Street at around 4.15pm on January 1. Weir, who lives on Park Street in Luton, sprayed flammable liquid over a homeless man who was sitting outside a fast food restaurant, before using a lighter to ignite the liquid.

Several members of the public witnessed it happen and were able to put out the flames, disarm Weir and call the emergency services.

“We are pleased with the sentence that Weir has received today, as his deliberate actions could have seriously endangered the life of this innocent man, who has luckily made a recovery.

Detective Constable Gary Hatton
Weir sprayed flammable liquid over the homeless man Credit: Bedfordshire Police

Weir was arrested for grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent and assault on an emergency worker. Whilst in custody, officers say he was abusive and threatening. He also spat at a police constable and threatened to urinate on him.

Weir was handed a custodial sentence of 10 years and six months, with a five year extended licence. He was also sentenced for four months for assaulting an emergency worker and six weeks for breaching his suspended sentence.

“We don’t tolerate such acts of violence, either on our streets or towards emergency workers, and we hope that this sentence will allow Weir time to reflect on his actions.”

Detective Constable Gary Hatton