Van go: Vauxhall reopen re-engineered Luton factory to cope with Covid-19 restrictions

There are signs that some sort of normality is returning as one of the region’s biggest employers has restarted operations.

Vauxhall in Luton has been closed for two months. It usually makes 21 vans every hour.

Over the last few weeks, the factory has been repurposed to allow for social distancing.

Each staff member has their temperature checked twice a day, masks and goggles have to be worn at all times, and 2 metres distances are clearly marked out on the floor.

Factory workers now wear PPE Credit: ITV News Anglia

There are still the same number of people on the factory floor - around 700 altogether.

But the measures mean that production has taken a slight hit, with just 18 vans rolling off the line every hour.

It'll have a short term impact, the important thing for our business is to get building and selling vans again and getting valuable money into the business so that we can pay our employees and pay our suppliers.

Colin MacDonald – Vauxhall Plant Director Director

But workers have generally been positive at the way the company has tried to protect employees.