'Shop local, shop safely': Hertfordshire councils urge residents to support local businesses in a safe way

'Shop local, shop safely'- that's the message from councils across Hertfordshire who are encouraging residents to support local businesses in a safe way when non-essential shops reopen on Monday, 15 June.

Throughout the last few weeks, measures have been put in place to provide more space for pedestrians and make sure safe social distancing is possible across Hertfordshire. This has included closing roads off to traffic and removing parking allocations. Councils say they want residents to be able to move around their towns in a way that meets guidance from Central Government.

The Public Health-led changes have been made at 14 sites in 12 towns across the county. Hertfordshire County Council has also identified nine other locations where measures may be needed, and these will be monitored closely when non-essential shops open. It's all designed to support residents, businesses and families in remaining safe.

Other measures include creating a 'Five Steps to Working Safely' toolkit to guide shops on how to make their premises as safe as possible.

The full list of changes can be found at the Hertfordshire County Council website.

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