Top private school in Norfolk accused by more than 200 pupils of racism

Norwich School Credit: Youtube
  • Amaka Elumogo is one of three former students that penned the letter

A letter accusing an elite private school in Norfolk of racist abuse has been signed by more than two hundred pupils.

The letter, sent to the chair of governors of Norwich School, was written by three former pupils and included a dossier of examples of racism compiled by students.

The pupils say that racist abuse at the fee-paying school is often dismissed as a 'joke' with victims being labelled 'overly sensitive'.

“When left unchecked these incidents can help to affirm racist attitudes that are carried into both university and the working world by the perpetrators of these actions,” they wrote.

“This is just an important first step to affecting real change and holding the school to account for the way their pupils and staff have treated BAME students.”

The list of examples of racism included mimicking of accents, BAME students being forced to change their names because teachers either fail to learn them or mix them up with other students, and a teacher telling a BAME student they would grow up to be a drug dealer.

The letter also described an incident where a teacher went on a 'rant' about immigration, and a teacher who publicly ridiculed a pupil because their name 'sounded funny'.

There were also examples of anti-semitism including a pupil waving a swastika, and a teacher telling a student that the reason for their bad grades was their Jewish faith.

In response, the school's headmaster has apologised.

  • Headmaster Steffan Griffiths said the school would make changes, but admitted it had a long way to go.

He said the experiences of racism at the school, reported in the letter, made for very uncomfortable reading but, he added, it was a wider problem, not only confined to Norwich School.