Network Rail reveals location for new Cambridge train station

Network Rail has decided where they'd like a third railway station to be in Cambridge. The new station would be built next to the Biomedical Campus by 2025. The chosen location was presented as the public's first choice following consultations earlier in the year. There were three locations the public could weigh in on.

Almost 1000 people attended the events and over 960 comments were received before 2nd March when the consultation closed. The vast majority, 94 per cent, supported the need for the station to be built. Out of the three options presented, 55 per cent of those who submitted comments supported Option 1 (northern option).

The new station is proposed to be located adjacent to the Guided Busway and will provide a new transport choice to patients, visitors and employees when travelling to and from the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The station will also provide direct access to a range of potential routes on the rail network for those in South Cambridgeshire.

As well as commenting on the location, Network Rail was challenged by the public to protect places of significance such as Hobson’s Park and Nine Wells Nature Reserve to consider the impacts on the environment and businesses on the east side of the railway; to consider impacts on sustainable travel modes, including walking, cycling and public transport and enhance the connections for such modes. These concerns will continue to be considered during the next phases of development.

It's hoped that the new station will provide thousands of people heading to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus with a quick and sustainable alternative to the car that will cut road congestion and improve air quality.