RSPCA issues warning to anglers after rescuing swan caught in fishing line

The swan had become trapped in the fishing line. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA has warned anglers to clear up their litter after rescuing a swan that had got caught in fishing line.

An inspector had to wade into the water at Pentney Lakes near King's Lynn to save the bird.

An RSPCA inspector had to swim 30m to rescue the swan. Credit: RSPCA

The immobile swan had fishing line tightly wrapped around its body and wings, prompting Inspector Jason Finch to swim 30m out to save it.

Insp Finch, the RSPCA’s National Water Rescue Co-ordinator, said: "He had become severely entangled in a line attached to a torpedo shaped fishing bait thrower, so I had to use my clippers to cut him free before I was able to take him back to shore.

“Once back on dry land, we could see that the line was tightly wrapped around his body and wing.

"Rather than stress him further, we decided to take him straight to the RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre nearby for a full checkover."

After 11 days of rehabilitation, the swan was released back into the wild at Pentney Lakes.

The RSPCA says that, in the last five years, its emergency hotline has received 15,183 reports relating to animals injured or caught in angling litter.