Protesters block bridge over council's plans to close Cambridge road

  • Video report by ITV Anglia's Claire McGlasson

A protest has taken place in Cambridge over plans to stop traffic on Mill Road, except for buses and bicycles.

Protesters blocked the road to raise their concerns over the affect it would have on businesses who are already struggling because of the coronavirus.

Traders say the County Council’s decision to close the road has been taken without any consultation with local businesses.

They're concerned it will put some people out of business and make things like deliveries difficult for others.

The council has stressed that closing the road is a temporary measure Credit: ITV Anglia

The Mill Road Traders Association say many businesses lost income when the bridge was closed for works for two months last year.

But the council says it is a temporary measure to allow pedestrians to use Mill Road safely during the pandemic.

The move is part of a public safety drive that will allow pavements to be widened and people to pass each other at a safe distance.

It's one of 90 similar schemes across the county introduced because of Covid-19.

Some traders fear the restrictions will become permanent in a bid to keep cars away from the city centre Credit: ITV Anglia

Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner says the plans are "ill thought".

"Of course we do not want to go back to crippling Cambridge congestion but these plans are ill thought out and the lack of consultation with people who work, live and worship on Mill Road has been astonishing", he said.

"I know that the county council are keen to spend the money they have been given by government but a rush-job is not going to give us the best outcome.

"We need a scheme that works for everyone and which respects the unique character of Mill Road. Mill Road will not be the same if traders are pushed out of the city and we lose independent shops that have been hit with one crisis after another."