How the pandemic has helped Norwich neighbours become good friends

Before lockdown people living in Beatrice Road in Norwich would have just shouted hello or waved from a distance. They didn't know each other's names.

Now many of them are friends.

These people who previously shared only a postcode have joined together for pavement socials and distanced drinks. They even have a Whatsapp group to check on and support each other.

They have done so much baking for each other that the residents are now hoping to publish a cook book with profits going to good causes in their neighbourhood.

Residents have shared favourite recipes and added a little bit about themselves - a small bit of social history in these extraordinary times and a wonderful upside to lockdown.

Levi and Flora Maconachie deliver homemade focaccia to a neighbour. Credit: ITV Anglia

Our lovely neighbours James and Lil baked some goodies and left them on our doorstep in a brown paper bag which said 'cakes are always good in an awkward situation' and it was just such a nice thing to do. We took a card round to say thank you and ended up staying and chatting to them for about half an hour with Amelie .

Flora Maconachie, Beatrice Road resident
Lil and James Ashby Pickford and children. Credit: ITV News Anglia

We had quite a lot of people move in just before quarantine so we baked them welcome cakes when they came so we knew them sort of on waving terms but not any more than that. Whereas now, we know the majority of them.

Lil Ashby-Pickford, Beatrice Road resident
Caroline Arscott , resident of Beatrice Road in Norwich Credit: ITV Anglia

I've loved the fact that people have been communicating, dropping notes through the door, dropping little paper parcels with buns on doorsteps, and gradually getting to know some names because I didn't know the names of all my neighbours.

Caroline Arscott, Beatrice Road resident
Enzo and Greta Cabrini , residents of Beatrice Road. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's rejuvinated Beatrice Road."

Greta Cabrini, resident