How the pandemic has helped Norwich neighbours become good friends

Before lockdown people living in Beatrice Road in Norwich would have just shouted hello or waved from a distance. They didn't know each other's names.

Now many of them are friends.

These people who previously shared only a postcode have joined together for pavement socials and distanced drinks. They even have a Whatsapp group to check on and support each other.

They have done so much baking for each other that the residents are now hoping to publish a cook book with profits going to good causes in their neighbourhood.

Residents have shared favourite recipes and added a little bit about themselves - a small bit of social history in these extraordinary times and a wonderful upside to lockdown.

Levi and Flora Maconachie deliver homemade focaccia to a neighbour. Credit: ITV Anglia
Lil and James Ashby Pickford and children. Credit: ITV News Anglia
Caroline Arscott , resident of Beatrice Road in Norwich Credit: ITV Anglia
Enzo and Greta Cabrini , residents of Beatrice Road. Credit: ITV News Anglia