Best friends fighting cancer receive special messages from John Stones and Hugo Lloris

Two best friends from Bury St Edmunds who have both been having treatment for cancer have received a couple of very special messages from their football idols.

Lifelong mates Oliver Doughty and Lucas Newton, both aged 12, haven't been able to see each other during lockdown because they've been shielding from coronavirus due to their chemotherapy treatment.

Oliver is half-way through a three-year treatment plan after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2018, while Lucas has recently been given the all clear after recovering from Burkitt Lymphoma.

Despite not being able to play football together in person, the pair decided to practice their keepie uppie skills online instead.

In the videos, the boys show off their skills and then pass the ball between each other.

To celebrate their special relationship and to lift their spirits, Cancer Research arranged for the boys' favourite footballers to send them video messages.

In the messages, Manchester City defender John Stones told City fan Oliver that his friendship with Lucas was "inspiring", while Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris sent Spurs supporter Lucas a similar message.

Thankfully, with lockdown having recently been eased, the boys have now been reunited for a real-life kickabout.

The boys have now been reunited. Credit: ITV News Anglia

It was during this kickabout that they were surprised with the messages from the Premier League stars, and the boys told ITV News Anglia that it was a moment that will live with them forever.

"It was John Stones and he was saying how well I was doing in lockdown and sent me a kind message about me and Lucas," Oliver said.

Lucas added: "Lloris was on it and I thought he was very kind and made me feel very special."