£1.25m to promote walking and cycling in Hertfordshire to lift high streets from lockdown

High street montage of cyclist and social distance signs
Hertfordshire County Council will receive £1.25m in funding from the Department of Transport, as part of its Emergency Active Travel Fund, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Credit: PA Images

Hertfordshire has been given £1.25m of government cash to revitalise town centres following lockdown and to encourage more walking and cycling.

It hoped the moved will help ease the pressure on public transport and encourage continuing social distancing the in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hertfordshire County Council will receive the £1.25m funding from the Department of Transport's Emergency Active Travel Fund.

The fund is aimed at temporary measures to promote walking and cycling and to enable safe social distancing in areas such as town centres and high streets.

Phil Bibby, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environment, said: “We welcome this additional funding and will be using it to make improvements across the county. 

"This will include changes to some high streets to reduce car travel and introduce cycle parking, pop-up cycle paths, remove pedestrian pinch points and improve some of our existing cycleways."

Part of the new funding will used to introduce social distancing measures in shopping streets to revitalise the local economy. Credit: David Cliff/NurPhoto/PA Images

Hertfordshire County Council is working with Public Health and local district and borough councils to identify how and where temporary changes to its roads and footpaths can better support social distancing. 

The work will include replacing some of the temporary traffic management equipment with more attractive and functional street furniture.

It is aimed at supporting the reopening of town centres and high streets by ensuring that everyone can keep to social distancing guidelines.