In the swim: When will elite athletes and the rest of us be allowed back in the pool?

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Swimming pools are still under lockdown with no clear date on when they will re-open but one elite swimmer from Suffolk has been allowed back in the water to resume training.

One of the many cancellations of this summer due to coronavirus was the Olympic Games.

It's been disappointing for many of our young athletes hoping to compete for the first time but that doesn't mean training has been put on hold.

Jordan Catchpole from Beccles in Suffolk is the first elite para swimmer allowed back in the pool.

Jordan Catchpole is the only elite swimmer to be allowed back at Beccles Lido in Suffolk. Credit: ITV News Anglia / Sean Cockrell

Jordan Catchpole has made quite a splash in the swimming world in the last two years

Winning silver and bronze at both the World and European championships but like all elite athletes he's had to spend lockdown being inventive with his training.

Up until now, Jordan has been trying to keep fit outside of the pool: "I've been doing some exercise bike at home, a couple of hours a day.

"Some home workouts but other than that it's really hard to stay fit."

Swimming coach, Tim Millett has followed all the guidelines to get Jordan's back doing lengths but it's still a frustrating time

He said: "We've got over 150 swimmers registered to the club and all of them are just as eager to get into the water and deservedly need to be in the water like Jordan.

"It's mental well being as well as physical and bringing back some normality"

Beccles Lido is still closed to the general public because of lockdown rules. Credit: ITV News Anglia / Sean Cockrell

For those of us who aren't elite swimmers there is still a wait before we can get back in the pool.

Shaun Crowley is the director of Beccles Lido and is keen to get swimmers back into the water.

He said: "Swim England have worked with the government and guided by the science as it should be and Swim England feel it is safe for us to open the pool"

No date has been given yet from the government on when pools will re-open. And it will be quite a different experience with only some lanes open and swimmers will have to turn up 'beach ready'

While the rest of us wait at the poolside, Jordan has his sights set firmly on the Tokyo Olympics next year.

Elite para swimmer Jordan Catchpole from Beccles in Suffolk has set his sights on Tokyo 2021 Credit: ITV News Anglia