The Baywatch bobby: Norfolk officer's weird and wonderful lockdown theme tunes

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By day, Dan Frew is a formidable custody sergeant in King's Lynn - but the father-of-two is harbouring a deep, dark lockdown secret.

For the last few months, he's been donning everything from dresses to leotards to play musical solos on the Internet.

It's all to satisfy his strange new lockdown hobby: recreating classic TV theme tunes with his trusty electric guitar.

"I don't really know how it started," he said. "I just had this guitar magazine with the Grange Hill theme tune in it.

"With everyone being in lockdown, I had the extra time at home even though I was still working. So I learnt to play it.

"It came out quite well so I thought I'd video myself playing it and put it on Facebook and it got quite a big reaction."

Before long, Dan started to get requests from his friends and fans online.

Dan Frew playing The A-Team theme tune on electric guitar. Credit: Dan Frew

He began making his own props - from Daleks for a Dr Who intro with a twist to darts for a recreation of classic gameshow Bullseye.

He even persuaded his wife to join him on Hunstanton beach to film him channeling his inner Pamela Anderson for a version of the Baywatch opening titles.

By the time he'd recorded his 20th lockdown theme tune, Dan's miniature productions had become increasingly elaborate.

He'd installed a small green screen in his kitchen to help with the videos, which tested his technical patience... and that of his two daughters.

"My children know I'm strange anyway," he said.

"They sort of come down, look at me, turn around and then go back up the stairs again. That's just dad."

Dan has just recorded his 40th lockdown theme tune - a version of the opening titles for the World Snooker Championships - but requests are still pouring in.