Green Light Trust aims to help nature and people bloom

One of the videos produced by the Green Light Trust Credit: Green Light Trust
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A Suffolk conservation charity in Suffolk is making regular online films and helping people who are isolated keep in touch with the natural world.

Green Light Trust, which is based in Bury St Edmunds, helps people improve their mental wellbeing by bringing them closer to nature.

The Green Light Trust Credit: ITV News anglia

CEO, Tom Brown explains:

A lot of those people have been quite isolated and we work with probably people who are in the lowest 20 per cent of wellbeing scale already. And then going into lockdown and not being able to access us as a provision physically has been really difficult for those people

Tom Brown

Due to lockdown they've had to resort to online videos, wellbeing courses and zoom chats. Hannah is one of the people who have benefitted from the group's courses.

Interacting with people has been quite difficult. I come across as getting on with people but it's all going on up here. being in the comfort of your own home helps. You can interact and joke and people are very sensitive if someone has got some issues going on. I'd recommend it as a way in.


The charity works with hundreds of people across Norfolk and Suffolk with mental health issues.

The organisation has even handed out 50 smartphones to those without online access. And you can donate your old ones at your local Co-op.

You can donate your old smart phones to the trust Credit: Green Light Trust