Two Northampton traffic cops help deliver a baby boy

PCs Sandra Payne and James Condon helped deliver baby Harris Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Police officers in Northampton stopped a car for having no insurance and ended up delivering a baby.

A driver in Cliftonville Road was pulled over by PCs Sandra Payne and James Cordon. As they spoke to him, he was interrupted by a call from his heavily pregnant wife, saying she'd gone into labour.

All three of them rushed to the driver's address, where the officers helped deliver baby Harris.

Paramedics arrived just after Harris was born Credit: Northamptonshire Police

On Twitter, Northamptonshire Police said: "An ambulance was called, but baby wasn’t going to wait - he wanted to come out ASAP! A few minutes later, baby Harris arrived, delivered by two of our officers who were talked through it by the incredible maternity ward at Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust."

They said the baby's mother, Sandra, was 'incredibly cool and collected' during the birth. 

Paramedics arrived a short time after he was born.

Baby Harris was very relaxed despite the drama of his birth Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Northamptonshire Police's chief inspector Tom Thompson thanked the officers personally.

He said: "I would like to extend my thanks to Sandra and James whose actions ensured that baby Harris was delivered into this world safely. This is a great story and an example of how varied life as a police officer can be. "As a Force we're really proud of how both officers managed to keep Harris' parents calm and looked after until our colleagues at East Midlands Ambulance Service arrived."Well done Sandra and James - this will definitely be a story baby Harris' parents will remember for a long time to come."